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best handmade umbrella

May 29, 2018 by jikkusabu with 1 comment

Best Handmade Umbrellas available in Kerala

Karthumbi 🌂 !! The Best  Handmade Umbrellas by women and mothers of Attapadi Tribes.

Attapadi’s own brand is trying to conquer the umbrella market. This venture became a reality by training 50 tribal mothers in umbrella making, the materials for this was imported from Korea. It was started with the support of ‘Thampu’, an organization that strives to achieve educational rights of children in the tribal regions of Kerala, the name of the brand is actually the name of a recreational club at Attapadi for the children. Naming the brand with that name had a sole reason to bring smiles to the face of the children. The Attapadi brand umbrellas have many high-profile takers including IT hubs, Technopark and Infopark, Kochi Metro Rail Corporation, Cochin University and a number of schools and colleges across the state.

Thousands of umbrellas are being supplied in schools and hostels for the tribal students and they are also considering to supply these umbrellas to all 118 model residential schools in Kerala.

Karthumbi 3 Fold umbrellas having the best quality and are available for just 300/-. By the prevailing amount of 100/-, you can book your stylish and quality guaranteed umbrella to your cart and also you are lighting a candle on each Adivasi homes of Attapadi. Duly note that you have to pay the balance amount of 250/- while they handover the umbrellas to you. So Hurry those who are interested and those who have not lost the light in you, Register your booking through the below link. Because your purchase is creating shade for many people.

Karthumbi umbrellas are available  in six different colors.

Kudos to Progressive Techies for taking an initiative to create a marketplace to sell Karthumbi umbrellas which are made by tribal women of Attapadi.

Please use below link to get Karthumbi umbrellas

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34 mins ago

Last year there was a opening parade in the early afternoon 1pm or 2pm when the candidates for miss umbrella festival bicycle down the main street. but the large parade happens around dusk with floats and dignitaries. Like many Thai events it then moves into a formal stage with dignitaries and local politicians thanking everyone involved. That is followed by the awarding miss umbrella festival and then some really beautiful and impressive traditional entertainment Last year the location was a bit small for the crowd creating quite a crunch to view, I''m hoping perhaps for a change to that. It''s a great event but bring your patience. Lots of street food, music etc. If you''re interested there is a dance party that goes late. My times are approximate and as you may have heard things can change quickly.

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